Operations ministry, or Ops as we often call it, is all of the various professional work being done by staff, interns and students that build the capacity of the ministry to reach more people and keeps our front line evangelism and discipleship leaders moving forward in the mission. You can explore the variety of operations work being done in Cru that you might do with us.

Operations Summer Missions

“Students on our Summer Mission expressed their excitement for their summer once they knew to what extent they were being entrusted with significant work. Having made it there, and having seen its importance, they placed very high value on their experience.”
– Colorado Operations Summer Mission
  • College Credit - some of our Operations Summer Missions offer professional level internships where you can get credit with your college for the work you will do in the summer.
  • Leadership - our staff who lead Operations Summer Missions and Internships serve professionally in these roles for their full time jobs. You will be led by qualified leaders in the field you are serving in during the summer, whether Finance, Media, Communictions and other departments.
  • Scope & Significance - “This isn’t a hack job - it’s real, professional level work.” You get to work on substantial and sometimes national projects, not just the work that no one else wants. These jobs are not only significant in potential impact, but are of Kingdom significance.
  • Creativity and Flexibility - Internship Operations opportunities can be tailored to what students can contribute with their existing skills.
  • Increased Vision - Serving with Operations will increase your vision and understanding of your giftedness and skills and give a larger view of God’s work in the world through Cru, and the ways you can contribute to it.

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